Airbnb earnings are a doozy!


The Airbnb earnings report is a doozy!

$1.53 billion in revenue vs $1.46 billion expected
EPS was better too! $0.08 vs $0.05 anticipated

The forecast for Q1 is the actual manna:
$1.40-1.48 billion in revenue projections for the first quarter, compared to $1.27 billion predicted.

It’s fantastic! I haven’t purchased any Airbnb, but I have researched them and believe they will continue to do well. According to some reports, Airbnb charges a lot of money in additional fees - that’s great for investors, and I hope they continue to make money!

Forbes heaps praise for the CEO, and he’s the driving force.

Chief Executive Brian Chesky is one of the humblest billionaires on earth. He’s gone from zero to being worth a staggering $1.9 billion in a short space of time.

He’s a man on a mission and is solving problems.

"Airbnb’s mission is to create a world where anyone can belong anywhere, and we are focused on creating an end-to-end travel platform that will handle every part of your trip."

I am excited about the prospects!

Fell almost 6$ rn

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