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Car companies, industrials and now the big Techs - Apple and Amazon are getting global supply chain woes.

Points to note:

  • Bad Quarters for both Apple and Amazon.
  • Supply chain problems cost the company $6B in quarterly sales.
  • The stock dropped on Friday by 3.5%. The Supply Chain problems are costing dearly burning holes in the pockets of investors.
  • There’s some good news - Demand is still roaring means the economy will grow in the longer run.

Well, what do you think will happen in the long run?

I think it’s better to invest in companies that are a part of the supply chain, they’re bound to grow along with retailers and manufacturers. It seems that there will be an uptick sooner or later, holding is the key.

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Everyone’s talking of chips, I feel these companies are interesting and have the potential to grow in the longer run:
U.S. President Joe Biden has sought $37 billion in funding for legislation to supercharge chip manufacturing in the country.
Currently, four new factories are slated in the country, two by Intel Corp and one by TSMC in Arizona, and another by Samsung in Texas.
China has also offered a myriad of subsidies to the chip industry as it tries to reduce its dependence on Western technology.
Also the 5G and the metaverse buzz! Prospects seem to be high
TSMC, Samsung and Intel - The Companies.

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A year - you read it correctly - A year and billions of dollars to start a chip manufacturing plant. Idk what will help, what if the demand stops due to inflation? What if the markets that seem to be overpriced collapse and all this vanishes in thin air? What if only consumer products are bought? Those are everlasting and seem to grow - Not being pessimistic but realistic.

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Apple announces new MacBooks and the new version of AirPods. New Chips with brilliant numbers but what about Intel? - Investing & Markets :bar_chart: - Vested Community

Changing this thread to all things Apple, the above link makes you go through the details of the new product launches a few months ago.

Recently, the story came to light that Tim Cook - Apple’s CEO struck a deal worth $275B with China in 2016. The deal was struck amidst a regulatory crackdown that affected the company’s business in China.


The five-year agreement was estimated to be worth more than $275 billion and was intended to placate Chinese government officials, who believed Apple wasn’t doing enough for the country’s economy.

Throughout 2016, Cook lobbied government officials over actions that would have threatened services like the App Store, Apple Pay, and iCloud, The Information reports. He made the deal during the first of several visits to China that year that was spurred by regulators’ actions which had tanked iPhone sales.

Apple’s promise included helping China develop advanced manufacturing technologies and support training Chinese talents, using more Chinese-sourced components, partnering with the country’s software firms, and investing directly in Chinese companies. On top of that, Apple also needed to invest in retail stores, R&D centres, and renewable energy projects.

Courtesy: Business Insider

The metaverse is ‘off limits’ on Apple’s VR headset, claims report | AppleInsider

  • Apple’s VR and AR headset isn’t intended for long periods of usage, with the company reportedly diverting away from the so-called “metaverse” vision favouring shorter experiences.

  • Mixed reality headsets have been touted as the next big thing in computing, handling everything from games and entertainment to work and education.

  • According to Mark Gurman’s “Power On” newsletter for Bloomberg, Apple has thought about the metaverse but seeks to avoid it. "

  • I’ve been told pretty directly that the idea of a completely virtual world where users can escape to - as they can in Meta Platforms/Facebook’s vision of the future - is off-limits from Apple," writes Gurman.

  • Rather than using the headset as an “all-day device,” Apple instead intends for it to be used for smaller “bursts”.

  • "Current speculation has Apple preparing for the launch of its first headset by the end of 2022 but in minimal quantities.