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Wow, the transition at Facebook is gaining speed. The corporate entity at Facebook is now called Meta. It’s likely going to be a decade long transition…


Key Points to note:

  • We’re going to be metaverse first, not Facebook first,” Zuckerberg said
  • Zuckerberg pitched his optimistic goals for the metaverse, a successor to the mobile internet where users interact, play games, and shop in always-on virtual worlds.
  • It will be powered by augmented reality and virtual reality and will integrate aspects of the existing or “2-D” internet and the real world.
  • Investments are planned in virtual spaces for social interaction, entertainment, games, fitness, and work.
  • The company is looking to work with creators and developers around the world to build the metaverse - Many Creators across Facebook platforms cheered the move!
  • The company is working with experts to ensure interoperability, transparency, inclusivity, safety, and privacy are emphasized from the start in the metaverse effort, marking an effort to learn lessons from Facebook’s stumbles in the past.
  • Teased a high-end virtual reality device Project Cambria that will be compatible with its Oculus Quest headsets - in partnership with RayBans.

Well, to me it seems a whitewashing technique keeping in mind what Facebook has been subjected to in the recent past - courtesy of whistleblower Frances Haugen, who reported various instances of improper regulation by the social media giant concerning violence and hate speech.
In my opinion Metaverse will take sometime and the branding seems to be taking place way ahead of its time.
This will be interesting to witness regardless!


Ex-BCG & Dalberg, Akshat Shrivastava is an MBA from INSEAD. He runs a popular YouTube channel with over 500k subscribers. He recently published an insightful video on $FB in partnership with Vested. Check it out here:

Akshat’s video on investing in Facebook - Buying big! - YouTube

  • Why did FB make the switch to Meta? Rationale, history, and why Facebook’s alpha dog status is a competitive advantage.
  • What do Metaverses do? What are the primary advantages? What does the future look like?
  • Why will Facebook be the winner in this long term game? Advantages of being an early innovator, high R&D budgets, ecosystem play, history of success.
  • Can FB grow profitably? Able competition from Google, Chinese intervention, US regulators

Facebook apps have 153M downloads out of a total of 320M for the top 10 app downloads in October.

Almost 48% of all top 10 downloads.

Consider it for a moment.

Image Courtesy: AppFigures

With no movements in the weeks since the stock changed its name, an analyst sees an opportunity.

HSBC analyst Nicolas Cote-Colisson raised his rating on shares to Hold from a bearish Reduce rating. It’s not exactly a ringing endorsement from the analyst, who still has a $300 price target.

“Meta’s investment case remains a fragile balance between risks of more regulation and new business opportunities,” Cote-Colisson wrote in a note. “We still think the regulation risk to Meta’s business model remains high.”

He writes that risks include regulatory pushback against potential acquisitions of innovative start-ups. Last month, the company to sell Giphy, the social-media animated image firm. On the flip side, Cote-Colisson argues another acceleration in the broader shift to digital advertising could benefit Meta.

The analyst also believes Meta could benefit from the metaverse, a theorized next evolution of the internet where users interact and shop seamlessly in interconnected virtual worlds. The company is investing billions in the coming years into its Reality Labs virtual and augmented reality segment.

If augmented reality/virtual reality become the next computing platform, Meta could leverage its experience and have a global leader in this new business.” Cote-Colisson wrote.

Source: Barron’s