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Tesla, Inc. is an American electric vehicle and clean energy company based in Palo Alto, California, United States. Tesla designs and manufactures electric cars, battery energy storage from home to grid-scale, solar panels and solar roof tiles, and related products and services.

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Let’s Talk Rivian. The EV manufacturer has hardly sold any cars - Investing & Markets :bar_chart: - Vested Community

Here’s some competition to Tesla backed by the big names - Amazon and Ford. Check out the article for a deep dive.

Musk sells about $5 billion worth of stocks

Here’s what the reports say:

  • Musk was exercising stock options as a part of the compensatory package that he received.
  • He sold most of the stocks the same day to cover tax withholding obligations.
    The poll on Twitter asked Musk to sell 10% of his stocks which led to a sharp decrease in the share prices.
  • Musk isn’t the only one selling shares of Tesla even directors are selling the same.
  • The Tesla chief executive, who is compensated in stock awards and doesn’t accept a cash salary from the electric-vehicle maker, faces an August deadline to convert tens of millions of stock options into shares or let them expire worthless.
  • The latest headlines report that he sold more shares worth $687million.

With so much stock flooding into the market, it seems like the correct time to sell the stocks of Tesla is now and when it dips to a stable low - buy. If not then, what’s your reason?

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Tesla’s Cyberquad a $1900 Electric ATV for Kids

The Tesla ‘Cyberquad for Kids’ is available for $1,900 on Tesla’s website, which is a pricey price compared to your normal Power Wheels, but it is by far the cheapest car in Tesla’s present portfolio. With a “full steel frame,” cushioned seats, and fully adjustable suspension, the Cyberquad’s materials are a notch above your usual battery-electric child vehicle.

According to the firm, a full charge will bring you up to 15 miles and will take five hours to charge. With a peak speed of 10 mph on the speedometer, it’s also not likely to set any land speed records (which you can limit to a max of 5 mph for safety if desired). That’s still a lot of speed for a kid’s ride-on vehicle, which is perhaps why Tesla recommends it for children aged 8 and above, with a maximum weight of 150 pounds.

Meanwhile, the Cybertruck that inspired it has been postponed until the end of 2022, and it’s still unknown if the full-size Cyberquad will be available at that time, though Elon Musk has previously stated that it will launch with the all-electric pickup.

Two exciting developments happened with Tesla. One is the Cryptocurrency bit and the other is stock selling

Let’s take a look at the Cryptocurrency bit:

Musk recently announced that Tesla would accept Dogecoin as payment for merchandise.

Musk was named TIME Magazine’s 2021 Person of the Year told TIME on Monday that Dogecoin is better suited for transactions than Bitcoin.


“The transaction volume of [bitcoin] is low, and the cost per transaction is high,” Musk said. “Fundamentally, bitcoin is not a good substitute for transactional currency.”

I don’t like his new hairstyle👀

“The total transaction flow you can do with dogecoin, like transactions per day, has a much higher potential than bitcoin,” according to Musk.

Stock trading

Musk offloaded more Tesla shares for $884M; his selling spree is $14B. Disposed 934,091 Tesla shares.
If Musk follows the answer to his Twitter poll, he will have to share another 4.1M shares.

But even before the poll, Musk’s comments suggested he was already planning to sell large chunks of stock to cover tax obligations for exercising options that expire in August next year. At the same time, he has been offloading shares; he has been tapping those options, granted in 2012.

According to the filing, Thursday’s divestment was part of a prearranged plan, known as a 10b5-1, to cover tax costs on the exercise of 2.2 million options the same day.

He’s now tapped 17 million of the 22.9 million stock options with the August deadline while selling 12.9 million shares for $13.6 billion.

That option grant gives Musk the right to buy Tesla shares at a strike price of $6.24 — less than 1% of its current value.

Source: Markets Insider

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