Amazon announces a new partnership with Automaker Stellantis NV

Amazon and Stellantis said that they would develop cars and trucks with Amazon software in the dashboards and deploy electric vans made by Stellantis on Amazon’s delivery network.

Credit: The Verge

The deals will help Amazon get a stronger presence in the transportation business, and Stellantis may catch up to Tesla in building vehicles with sophisticated, software-powered infotainment systems linked to the data processing cloud.

This approach mirrors the wider drive of major manufacturers to match Tesla’s capacity to release new vehicle features on a continual and rapid basis using software given via regular over-the-air updates.

Amazon had already partnered with Rivian in 2019 and will get almost 100,000 delivery vans; the move with Stellantis reflects Amazon’s expansion on a global footprint to maintain its dominance worldwide!

Established automakers and startups will continue to compete to supply electric vans and gain the rights to cloud software as eCommerce giants like Amazon attempt to electrify their package delivery systems.

Stellantis has also stated that the first battery-electric Chrysler would be available in 2025 and that the company plans to have a comprehensive battery-electric portfolio by 2028.