Apple VR/AR Headset

“Apple reportedly completes production tests for AR/VR headset with a final release planned by the end of the year.”

The device is rumoured to be priced between $2K to $3K and will include AR and VR functionality.

If this device truly is a significant step above Quest, as the iPhone was a whole new way to use mobile, Meta should be trembling. As much since Apple’s entry into the market gives legitimacy to the business, it is likely to be a net negative for Meta, as Apple’s history with software/hardware means this rollout would be naturally in their wheelhouse, without the need to rename the entire firm. With well over 1 billion iPhones in use and 1.45 billion total devices, the demand is likely there.

Curious if the low pricing of Quest 2 will wind up being a net negative for Meta, who priced it so low to encourage generation adoption. Will buyers regard Quest 2 as a low-cost entry-level product?

Many questions will be answered during the next decade, and I’m excited to see how it all turns out.

If for no other reason than privacy concerns, I would prefer to purchase an Apple VR headset over a Facebook account. I’m confident Apple can compete with Oculus.

I’m certainly looking forward to seeing what they offer this time around. The post-Jobs era isn’t the same. My biggest blunder has been utilising Facebook and Instagram. I consider myself an addict, and I’m still attempting to wean myself from the blue pill. It’s been not easy.

If you own Facebook, I believe this should be viewed rather neutrally. We all knew the competition was on the way; the only issue was whether Facebook’s first-mover advantage was sufficient. While the headgear will be available sooner than most people expected, it will also be far more expensive.

Apple was always going to be expensive, but the question is what the quality of the hardware and operating system will be like.

When Apple and Google are present, gaining first mover advantage is difficult. However, I believe Apple has a greater chance of delivering something amazing to market.