Booking, Airbnb and Expedia Holdings

What are people’s attitudes about Expedia, Airbnb, and Booking Holdings?

Booking and Expedia appear to be pretty reasonably priced to me, but I haven’t done much research in this area. Airbnb is growing faster and is likely to be regarded as more innovative/disruptive by the investing community.

Is it fair to give Expedia and Booking a discount? Why? Both are expected to increase rapidly in the future. Is it OK to charge a premium for Airbnb? Why?

Airbnb has inconsistency in its experience. In addition, when booking houses in the suburbs, neighbours find it unusual that strangers are entering their neighbour’s home. Furthermore, Airbnbs do not have security guards, making returning to your Airbnb at night unsafe.

The more excellent bull argument for Airbnb, in my opinion, is the rising percentage of more extended stays as individuals have more flexible travel/WFH schedules and also attempt to avoid steep prices for shorter stays, making it less beneficial. The struggle will be to remain the go-to marketplace for more extended stays, rather than being used as a search engine to identify the location and then book it offline with the owner (in which case they can broker a cheaper deal and cut out the service fees to Airbnb). The renter is shielded from numerous terms and conditions (similar to buyer protection on eBay), but if the price is appropriate, many renters would be happy to do it.