Disney Q4 2021 Earnings

Revenues exceeded more than $3B from expected, actual revenues were $21.8B vs $18.63B expected.
Similarly, EPS was $1.06 actual vs 0.61 expected
Disney parks too reported better than expected revenues $7.2B actual v $6.13B expected.
Whereas Disney+ Subscribers were 129.8 million actual vs. 125.75 million expected.

Howdy, you all Disney Investors?

I’m not a Disney shareholder, but I’m thinking about it now. When it was approximately $50 a share ten years ago, I believe this is one of those businesses that will always remain in business and will always be a good investment. They dominated the box office last year and will do so again this year. Not to mention the fact that their subscriber base is growing. And their theme parks are returning with a bang.

The change in Disney Park revenue over a year is more than 100%

Very excited about these results! It will be interesting to see how price responds after these results

With Netflix posting disappointing subscriber numbers a couple of weeks ago, all eyes were on Disney+ subscriber numbers yesterday. The company was surprised by the upside, adding 11.8 million subscribers to their mainstreaming platform. Here are a few quotes that I found via FinCredible!

Disney+, Hulu, ESPN Subscribers:

  • " We ended the quarter with nearly 130 million global paid Disney+ subscribers, reflecting over 11 million net additions from Q4 . Taking a look at subscriber growth by region. We added 4.1 million paid domestic Disney+ subscribers, including a benefit of approximately 2 million incremental subscribers from our strategic decision to include Disney+ and ESPN+ as part of a Hulu Live subscription. In international markets, excluding Disney+ Hotstar, we added 5.1 million paid subscribers, primarily driven by growth in Asia Pacific and European markets."
  • “At ESPN+, we ended the first quarter with over 21 million paid subscribers versus 17 million in Q4.”
  • “Hulu ended the first quarter with 45.3 million paid subscribers, inclusive of 4.3 million subscribers to our Hulu Live digital MVPD service.”

Parks and Resorts:

  • " Per capita spending at our domestic parks was up more than 40% versus fiscal first quarter 2019 driven by a more favorable guest and ticket mix, higher food, beverage and merchandise spending and contributions from Genie+ and Lightning Light. Putting these factors together, our domestic Parks and Resorts delivered Q1 revenue and operating income exceeding pre-pandemic levels, even as we continue managing attendance to responsibly address ongoing COVID considerations."


  • “While multiplatform television and streaming will continue to be the foundation of sports coverage for the immediate future, we believe the opportunity for The Walt Disney Company goes well beyond these channels. It extends to sports betting, gaming and the metaverse. In fact, that’s what excites us, the opportunity to build a sports machine akin to our franchise flywheel that enables audiences to experience, connect with and become actively engaged with our favorite sporting events, stories, teams and players.”

Storytelling Talent Retention:

  • "Storytelling excellence is, of course, dependent on having excellent storytellers. I am thrilled to share that our legacy of being home to the most accomplished leaders in the industry will continue, as nearly all of our top creative executives have recently renewed, extended or signed new contracts. "
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