Do you invest in small cap / mid cap US stocks? From where do you do your research?

Where do you folks research for new small cap/mid cap stocks to diverisfy? What’s your strategy to look beyond the core FAANG stocks?

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Following this one. Have always wondered how to discover good mid cap companies in the US. Hoping some mid cap investors respond.

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Investing in FAANG stocks are good but there are lot of multibagger stocks in small and mid cap. One need to apply data analytics as there is huge data over the internet and it is very time consuming to identify the best stocks which would be multibagger in the future

Identify around 10 to 15 companies in a specific industry/sector, do research on them and then invest, try to get notifications regularly, check their websites, financials, refer to company articles, wikipedia, etc and so on…

Research is a continuous activity and need lot of dedication and apply some data science techniques and also read a lot over social media and google and identify the advanced technologies that is coming up and do the investment