Earnings Season starting next week!

Earnings season starts next week, and there are several very intriguing earnings calls happening. Here’s what you might be interested in:

  • Perspectives and forecasts on the US economy from major banks JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, Citi and Morgan Stanley.

  • An update on the semiconductor shortage from Taiwan Semiconductor and their outlook for 2022 and beyond. Major clients of the company include Apple, AMD, Nvidia, Qualcomm and Tesla.

  • US air travel recovery focusing on business travel from Delta Airlines.

Also, look out for these in the near future:

  • PepsiCo and IBM.

  • Pfizer is exporting vaccines coupled with the Biden administration, which is looking forward to inoculating coronavirus vaccine to children.

Which earnings calls are you looking forward to?

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Keeping eyes on

  • the semiconductor stocks (based on their next Quarter outlook) as more 5G/telecom related products are being manufactured and are in pipeline,
  • pharma sector for long term (Pfizer, Moderna, Novavax, J&J) i.e 2 quarters
  • if semiconductors show any better, getting into Autostocks and telecom manufacturer stocks
  • realty sector like AirBnB or stocks impacted because of travel (be it DAL, UBER) is there for short term (edit as per 11th Oct)