Here's what makes Tesla's AGM interesting!

Let’s take a look

This year’s AGM is focused on the onset of production and the 2022 production ramp-up. Notably, the Austin plant will manufacture Cybertruck and Model Y. These models are crucial for Tesla’s success with high demand, complemented by the expectation to ship the Cybertruck to the road by early 2022.

Tesla’s stock has risen about 10% up to date despite the chip shortage. How did Tesla battle that out? Well, Elon does has an answer for us, “It’s not just a matter of swapping out a chip. You also have to rewrite the software.” Let’s put it in layman terms, there are two reasons attributed to Tesla’s success despite the chip shortage.

  • Supply Chain - Tesla doesn’t have sophisticated supply chains instead it manufactures its cars only at 2 places, Shanghai China and Fremont California. The Chinese production seems to help.
  • Most importantly, Tesla makes its own chip, unlike other car manufacturers who buy it from the companies that make chips. To add on the chips are well advanced and are easier to replace as compared to traditional chips. As mentioned by Elon in the quote above, replacing them isn’t just swapping but rewriting the code as well. This makes it in a better position to manufacture cars.

And that reflects Tesla delivered more than 627,000 vehicles which are up by almost 100% when compared to 2020.

Today’s meeting will also involve comments on the EV competition and Chinese EV demand and its power business.

Wait, what? Power business?

Tesla is expanding its solar roof installation to anywhere in the US! While it scrapped the referral program for all of its product offerings it did increase the referral to $500. Well, it’s not all money, Tesla did raise the price for its solar panels which led to a decrease in demand and to keep the demand stable it offered monetary incentives.

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