Insights on Ad Spend

Recently, advertising has been a hot topic, with several factors impacting the industry. Here are a few quotes that help understand the ad industry is experiencing.

Ad Sellers:

  • Google: “Google Search and other advertising revenues of $43.3 billion in the quarter were up 36%, with broad-based strength across our business, led again by strong growth in retail.”
  • Facebook: “Q4 was also the first holiday season after Apple’s iOS changes, which have had an impact on businesses of all sizes, tiny businesses who rely on digital advertising to grow. This will continue to be a factor in 2022. We’ve also heard from advertisers about other macro trends that contributed to the headwinds in Q4, including global supply chain disruptions, labour shortages and inflationary pressures.”
  • Pinterest: “The macro-environment remains challenging for our CPG advertisers who are still dealing with supply chain and other macroeconomic issues. We believe this headwind could persist for a few quarters.”

Ad Buyers:

  • Colgate Palmolive: “Our guidance for 2022 includes an increase in advertising to make sure we are able to sustain volume growth as we exit a period of very strong pricing.”
  • Paycom Software: "Our marketing plan throughout 2021 continues to perform well, delivering strong demo leads throughout the year as we spent aggressively on advertising
  • Mattel: “Advertising expenses for the quarter declined 7% to $266 million, reflecting some timing shifts between Q3 and Q4. For the full year, advertising increased by 4% as we continue to drive demand creation to support POS.”

Originally appeared on: Fincredible MacroTalk February 16th: Advertising Trends (substack. com)