Introduce yourself here - get to know the Vested Community! πŸ‘€

I too am from Kolkata, and it would be great to meet someday to chat about investing


Welcome, @deepshaswat & @rajeshkoradia!

Hi everyone!

Glad to be a part of this investing community.

This is Rishabh and I have been a passive investor in the Indian market for a few years, recently starting to get into actively manage my investments. Considering, I have an edge on technology and knack for discovering great products, thanks to my professional background, I have focused my investing thesis on disruptive innovation.

My investing thesis is taking a few concentrated long term bets (5-7 years minimum) on the most disruptive growth companies that are riding the cost curve to create mass adoption while delivering world class products to consumers and have a competitive MOAT to keep delivering long term value and growth. In short discovering the next Apple, Amazon and Google. I spend a lot of time in researching companies and rely on other investor communities on YouTube and Reddit to discuss investment thesis.

Looking forward to interacting from other investors and learn and contribute to this community! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community, Rishabh

Really looking forward to your analyses on the most disruptive companies of today. Feel free to reach out in case you need help with anything!

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hello all,
this is Arihant. Started investing through Vested platform since September last year. Since then, I have seen lot of improvements in the app as well. I am a techie and invest in US tech stocks primarily for long term. I really liked the Podcasts of Vested Finance, hope they will continue to do more such podcasts in the future too.
Glad to be a part of this community.

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Welcome, Arihant! If you have an investing strategy the community could learn from, feel free to share it on this thread.

P.S. Noted about the Podcast - glad you found it insightful :slight_smile:

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Hi I’m Amey. I’m sometimes a growth investor and sometimes a value investor!

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Hi, I am YaSh , and have been an investor in the Indian markets for more than 3 years, and last year I diversified into US markets. I invests in vests as well as in my chosen stocks and ETFs. I love reading books. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey everyone, I am Akarsh. I am an avid stock learner, started my investment journey in US stocks to diversify my portfolio. As of now, I have only taken bets on some of the top Giants in US Stock Ex.
Wish to learn from the Vested Community.

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I’m Mihir, and I work as a Software Engineer in Bangalore. I have started investing during COVID-19 pandemic about a year and a half ago. I have diversified by investing in Indian stocks, US stocks and cryptocurrency.

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Myself Udayan, novice level with US investing, till date have invested based on social trend and pre-curated stock sets via Vested platform.

Hello. I am Shalin K Mishra. I travel multiple realms across multiple universes and I am figuring tech to make time travel possible. That way, I can make wonderful money in US stock markets.

Kidding (obviously). I am a techie (by education and profession) with interests in identifying the next tech/company/sector which will be the breakout sector. Not a finance guy at all. Just love to take calculated risks, love learn anything under the sun, love coffee and did I profess my love for time travel yet? :slight_smile:

Happy Investing everyone!

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Hi all, this is Shyam here. Looking across geographical as well as sector wise diversification is what brought me onto this platform. Hoping to participate and learn from others in our investing journey. Happy learning and investing to all of us.

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Hello everyone, myself Pramit Jain. I’m a beginner in US investing. Currently invested $1k in 11 different stocks by choosing market leaders in each segment.

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Hi everyone

I am investing in Indian market for about 10 years and have recently started investing in US market through vest ( about 8-9 months) . I am using moat Portfolio of vested. Also, I have diversified into few Bluechip companies of US like apple, Google, Amazon, Berkshire, microsoft, jp Morgan, nvidia, Tesla, baba and Facebook. I have also invested in few ETFs like ARKG, VTI, SMH.

Hope to get more creative ideas from this community.

Zubin Baisiwala


Hello, Myself Pavan. I have been investing in Indian stock markets since 5 years. Thought & started to make some investments in US stock markets for diversification.


Welcome, Shalin! You may find @Rishabh’s content interesting. He’s a fellow techie also looking to identify the next breakout companies.

Looking forward to reading your approach and analyses.

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Hello everyone,
I am INDRANI. I am a housewife. I have been investing in Indian market, but I am a novice investor. Now I have started investing in US market through pre-curated vests. I want to invest in US market for my child.


That’s good to know, Indrani! Welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

I am Siva and have been investing in the Indian equities for the past 20 years and diversified into the US equity since the beginning of this year.