It's raining Collaborations for Coinbase

Was scrolling Twitter and collected this info:

Strong brands/companies are joining the crypto space and collaborating with Coinbase.

There‚Äôs a reason why so many people want to work with Coinbase. They are the most ‚Äúcontrolled and compliant‚ÄĚ alternative for a large corporation to deal with in order to enter the crypto market.

Google, Adidas have all partnered with Coinbase

  • Meta has begun a trial programme for its digital wallet Novi, in which Coinbase is the custodial partner.

  • MasterCard has partnered with Coinbase to allow customers to purchase NFTs with USD on Coinbase‚Äôs marketplace.

  • Shopify has been a long-time partner of Coinbase, although the CEO of Shopify has just recently joined the Coinbase Board of Directors.

As more institutions enter the market and want a strong and compliant partner to engage with, many more enterprises will follow.

Coinbase is the entry to Crytpo imo