Musk, Bezos set to offer broadband in India - thoughts?

Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos set to offer broadband in India | India Business News - Times of India

Expanding to India seems profitable with a vast consumer base. Will it pay to expand in India? Or the indigenous brands will continue to have a command over Indian customers?


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Think indigenous brands and Starlink / OneWeb would co-exist. India has a huge market in tier 3-6 cities, where likes of indigenous brands would not be able to penetrate because of unfavourable economics, scalability.
Satellite based broadband providers would complement the data consumption story well if allowed to (regulatory wise) flourish profitably together.

I think the exciting thing is the secondary effect of providing internet to billions of more people (not just in India, but globally).

I wrote this piece a while ago about space internet - and i think, a recent example of significant internet access expansion and decline in cost is what Jio did in India:

  • Internet penetration shot up
  • Content consumption shot up
  • More ecommerce
  • More digital payments

There’s a reason why all the internet giants experimented with doing global internet (Google with Loon, and FB with solar gliders. More internet == TAM expansion. These experiments are all dead though.

Even Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, once said: “We hope someone would do a Reliance Jio in every other country”.