NuBank and HashiCorp are set to trade on Thursday after their IPOs

Nubank the Brazilian Digital lender is offering its IPO at around $9 a share, notably, it’s backed by Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway it will be available on NYSE as the ticker NU. 289.2M shares at $8 to $9 for the company valuated at $41.5B.


Its service?
According to WSJ, the company started out issuing credit cards with no annual fees. Today, it also offers debit cards, bank accounts, loans, and life insurance. The company describes itself as one of the largest digital-banking platforms, with 48.1 million customers across Brazil, Mexico, and Colombia. It’s one of the most valuable FinTechs in Latin America. It has customers that are fairly young!

HashiCorp is a cloud software provider which priced its IPO at $80 a share, offering 15.3M shares at a valuation of $14.3B. You should also watch out for Samsara that’s going public next week. Note that the ticker will HCP on NASDAQ.


It’s service?
According to WSJ, HashiCorp provides a suite of multi-cloud infrastructure automation products that help companies accelerate their time to market, reduce their cost of operations, as well as improve their security and governance of complex infrastructure deployments, according to a prospectus. It had 2,392 customers as of Oct. 31, including Roblox, Bank of America, Progressive and Stripe.

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