Palantir Technologies going for a song

Palantir will report Free Cash Flow of $ 400 miliion.
Price of USD 12 is cheap considering the fact that They will be the Enterprise OS for most of the corporates on this planet


Palantir’s new investments and partnerships alone are enough of a signal. Read this interesting piece the other day.

"PLTR and Hyundai are building a big data platform for Hyundai’s core businesses, including shipbuilding and offshore engineering. PLTR will provide software and development personnel while Hyundai brings the affiliate’s process expertise and sales to the table. Hyundai also will deploy the PLTR Foundry platform.

PLTR and Dewpoint Therapeutics announced a partnership where Dewpoint will deploy PLTR’s Foundry platform to help power Dewpoint’s efforts to discover treatments and cures for the most challenging diseases. This multi-year deal showcases PLTR’s most comprehensive partnership with a biotech company. Dewpoint will utilize Foundry as the primary platform for its centralized knowledge repository, helping it contextualize its experimental results and prioritize the most viable outcomes.

MKGAF and PLTR have recently have joined forces to provide a collaborative data analytics platform for the semiconductor industry. The platform will offer insights into materials and processes at semiconductor fabrication plants in addition to utilizing AI and big data to address challenges such as semiconductor chip shortages, supply chain transparency, time-to-market, and product quality. This deal is huge because the semiconductor industry continues to grow."