Qualcomm earnings seems to be positive

Qualcomm posted stellar earnings but the stock is correcting, many are bullish on the stock, here’s a look at its earnings.

Revenue was up by 30%, EPS was up by 49%. The stock also has good ratios PE = 17.5 and P/S = 6.3.

Here’s what Seeking Alpha said:

Qualcomm is one of the few tech stocks I’d recommend buying in this volatile market. Its growth engines are still firing on all cylinders, it’s gradually expanding into new markets, its margins are expanding, and it trades at a discount to many of its semiconductor peers. It might not be as exciting as the market’s other high-growth stocks, but I’m fine with adding a little boredom and stability to my portfolio to cope with this unpredictable market.

Will you invest? Thoughts?

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You make a good argument for keeping an eye on Qualcomm, and it’s difficult to argue against it. My hesitation in selecting chip producers stems from how competitive and rapidly growing the space is and will always be. I have no idea which primary players will have the next overnight breakthrough in the cyclical industry. Contracts are essential, but it’s difficult to determine when to bail ship when times are rough for a chipmaker.

SeekingAlpha is quite positive, with high ratings about the stock!