Stock Ideas for the next decade - Interesting companies

Lets list down the potentially strong growth companies of the next decade or two…Therein would lie the next Netflix/Facebook/Apple

I start the discussion with MercadoLibre


I’m going with PLTR.

Recently have been reading about Dlocal (DLO). They are one of the rare fast growing yet profitable tech companies. Went public in June this year.

They are in the cross-border payments space. What they do is provide global companies (the likes of Uber, Dropbox and the ability to accept payments or pay out to their partners in emerging markets. Basically allowing global companies to easily tap into customers across large emerging markets. It might sound easy but cross-border payments is a complicated space with regulations and taxation differing for each country.

Here’s a good analysis on the company: dLocal Ltd. ($DLO) - by MT_Capital - MT Capital Research

Note: Please don’t consider this as investment advice from me or Vested!

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Very interesting
Already profit making

I just started a position yday

I am a huge fan of Palantir as well. This company will be the most significant software company for data driven decision making in a decade. Looking forward to see them executing well and drive down the cost curve for adoption downstream to small/mid sized companies. Foundry for builders is significant step in this direction.

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I think Tesla will continue to deliver very strong growth until 2030 maybe even beyond that. Apart from that I have the highest conviction on the following stocks-

Ginkgo Bioworks

All four are the most innovative business models and products with strong growth. Happy to share my investment thesis for any of these.

Other interesting growth companies I am tracking-


This is interesting. I’m invested in Palantir and Ginkgo, and have recently also been tracking Marathon Digital Holdings.

Do share your investment thesis.

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  1. Industry trends-
    Data analysis and decision science
    Here is an interesting chart to digest the amount of data being generated every year -

    The amount of data being generated every year is growing at 23% + CAGR.
    AI training costs have dropped roughly 10x every year. This drives humungous demand for tools and solutions required to analyze and make sense of this data. Palantir sits at the cusp of these two trends and creating an entire new industry dubbed as “Predictive Analytics”

  2. Product
    The traditional software and SaaS solutions are catered and geared toward human driven analysis and reporting. Whereas Palantir started in the Government sector trying to solve the world’s most arbitrary datasets and problems and creating a scalable product. The number of departments in US government using Palantir and renewing it year over year, shows their product’s strengths and stickiness. Their product augments the needs for creating special purpose tools and reporting software to analyze data for decision making and gives human operators much more valuable usage of time by analyzing the data and present them with insights to make critical decisions. Additionally Apollo helps organizations manage their codebase and data across cloud and private services and bridge them into a single unified architecture, thus releasing dependency on any single architecture.

  3. Downstream value - As they started with the Government sector and they with their commercial offering to the largest corporation like Boing and Airbus, they still have a lot of downstream value to be created and they have already started with this journey with Foundry for Builders

  4. S curve adoption - I believe there will be some point in the future where there will be an S curve adoption for Foundry and Apollo due to the increasing complexity of and vastness of data and the decline in AI training cost that provides huge leverage to organizations

  5. Founders - Peter Thiel and Alex Karp have built a great culture and team around which they continue to build value and grow the team. Their business philosophy has inspired a lot of “Zero to One” businesses and I believe their product has no competition and thus catching up will be very difficult in the future.

That’s my 2 cent on Palantir, will also be sharing my thoughts on Ginkgo soon.


Firstly identify the sector/industry which is going to create disruption and then identify the stocks to be invested which are multi baggers in the future

3 important segments are

1, Climate Change
2, Cyber Security
3, Artificial Intelligence

However, the following can be considered as the best segments for investments

1, Electric Vehicles
2, Greenhouse Gas Allowances
3, Hydrogen
4, Plastics recycling
5, Reforestation Services
6, Water Rights and Quality Credits
7, Antivirals
8, Care
9, Data
10, Digital Financial Services
11, Edtech and Reskilling Services
12, Hyper-loop transport services
13, New Antibiotics
14, Precision medicine and Organ Drugs
15, Skills Capital
16, Unemployment insurance
17, Artificial Intelligence
18, Genes and DNA Sequence
19, Satellite Services
20, Space flights

Out of these, 17,18,19,20 are in Advancing stage and have great future and one can become billionaire if they have a great portfolio for the next one to two decades

I would like to suggest semiconductor companies : AVGO, AMD, TSMC, NVDA , few others.
Easier way could be to via ETFs like SOXQ.
There is lot consolidation happening in this sector by mergers and acquisitions and hence monopolies are being created.

Anyone here invested in Digital Turbine (Ticker:APPS)? Came across an interesting thread on it today.