Stocks for long term investment

Dear All

Which are the stocks which could perform and give good return in short term and long term investment.

Share your stock views.

I always suggest to invest in different sector of stocks but not one. If one doesn’t perform other will.

Currently EV stocks are in boom along with power stations for EV vehicles. So which stock you think will perform well.

Tesla used to be the most shorted stock in the US. Since they stopped shorting it, it has become a stable and respectable stock in my humble opinion. I’m looking at buying and holding for the long term at a good entry point. That’s the EV stock for sure.

For companies like Tesla
Waiting for entry points maybe futile

If we are looking at the story panning out,a decade from now it wont matter if we bought at $600 or $800

Its always important to own good cos rather than timing the entry

Long term, I do agree, but no matter what the stock is, it will go up and down and some entry points are better than others. eg. buying at all time highs is probably not the best. I bought ASML after it had dropped 12% from the top, it went down another 7% and am still down over 2%. This, despite the fact that the results were the best quarter ever. This is where the market doesn’t make sense. The stock dropped over 4% after the best quarter ever! Shorting.
Stocks like Alibaba which corrected 55% from the top, are in a better entry point.
I know Mr. Buffett says that any time is a good time to buy a great stock, but he also says to buy when there’s blood on the street, when everyone is selling, not at all time highs, when everyone is buying. Thx for sharing.

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