Tax related: Vested account details

This is related to foreign assets section :
In Item no. A1 under schedule FA: Foreign Depository Accounts details.

which one of the two should we choose:

  1. mention account country as US and provide Vested Finance US office address
    (I need exact address in this case)

  2. mention account country as India (even though it is foreign account) and provide Vested Finance India office address

Can someone suggest?

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Hi @milind1
You need to fill table A3 for reporting your US stocks. A1 is used for foreign bank accounts and not foreign trading or broking accounts.

Feel free to consult your CA or adviser. Thanks!

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Thanks @bharatjain .
I am filling A3 section also, for that Vested site provides detailed documents.

Then is there a place where we need to mention details of foreign demat accounts?
I will check with CA though

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