The Hotch-Potch time of the Year!

The selling frenzy continues!

Even if it is uncomfortable, sometimes the best course of action is to sit tight.

Because I have no plans to make any movements, I intend to ignore the majority of the market today.

There’s no reason to beat yourself up over every price move if you’re content with your assets.

Instead, I’ll concentrate on preparing for profits. Expectations are being listed and planned reporting is being updated.

Trust yourself! Grab a cup of coffee and watch the hotch-potch!

We’ve been here! Here’s a chart illustrating the average frequency of stock market falls over the previous 50 years:

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a comeback like tonight. A round trip of 1000 points on the DOW is insane. Don’t be shocked if this is a ruse. I’m hoping it’s the start of a reversal, but I don’t think we’re out of the woods yet.

At best, I anticipate a few turbulent weeks ahead. I’d be surprised if an actual reversal occurred before then. A 20% decrease in the Nasdaq is a legitimate correction. S&P is falling behind by about 14%.