Vested Community platform 101

We’re so glad to have you in the Vested community! If you’ve had experience with online forums, you’ll notice a lot of similarities. But there are a few differences you should be aware of.

The site is divided into categories that host different types of discussions. Discussion threads start with a post (like this one!) and usually have comments in response. Sometimes people will respond to other people’s comments rather than the original post. When that happens, the system adds links to help readers follow the conversation.

Discussion threads stay on the same page and you can scroll through them with the widget in the right margin. The system remembers where you stopped reading and takes you back to that point when you come back to the discussion. New replies will be indicated with a blue number in the category page. You can also visit the “Unread” page to catch up on what you missed.

Members are encouraged to read what other people have written before jumping into the discussion. Doing simple things like reading, liking and replying to other people’s content opens up new features like sending private messages and posting images. Trust Levels help members of the community focus on creating an enjoyable environment.

If you spot anything that goes against the Vested Community Guidelines, use the flag option to let us know. It’s a way to privately notify staff of a problem. On the other hand, use the heart option (a “like”) to let other users know you appreciate what someone else posted. Let’s work together to make the Vested Community a wonderful resource for everyone!

There’s a lot more to discover. The best way is to try out the site and ask questions here if you get stuck. In addition, check out the new user guide. We’re so glad you visited and we look forward to seeing you around the community!

Remember, you have 5 referrals! You get to decide who becomes part of this community. Use the referrals to add other investors who may benefit from the community’s activity.

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