What's next for Amazon? Is there more growth or is it saturated? Are there better places for it to invest?

What is the future of Amazon?

  1. Is there any scope of investment for Amazon over the decade to keep engines running?
  2. Is it an expansion of a current product or service or an entirely new product or service? And why?
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It’s an excellent query. I believe the capital they have spent on logistics will be sufficient to keep the E-commerce expansion going. Because AWS is likely to be their most important driver in the future, I’d want to see them focus on improving its security and stability.

I’d want to see more live video and virtual reality experimentation.

I know that Amazon offered live video as a marketing tool for businesses for the first time in 2019. Brands and influencers alike may ‘go live’ on Amazon with the use of a simple app, offering usage advice, doing culinary demos, and selling items.

Amazon will also debut its ‘Experiences’ platform in September 2020, with virtual lessons and sightseeing trips available as one-on-one livestreaming sessions. In-session purchasing possibilities include items such as supplies for a baking workshop.

Amazon’s efforts with immersive, real-time experiences represent an investment in the future of retail.

Here for the comments, btw found this checklist somewhere on the internet:

Cloud infrastructure is checked, SaaS/PaaS is checked, streaming is checked, gaming is checked, eCommerce is checked, and logistics is checked. Retail is now underway. Fintech? Healthcare?