Where do you get your US stock market news from?

Share your most reliable news/analysis sources! :point_down:t4:

Subscribed to WSJ and also use Bloomberg to check for the latest happenings in the US economy and markets. Heard Motley fool provides good research but never got a chance to go through their content. Curious to know what others do here!!!


Most of the new comers to the platform ask this question,

I keep an eye on Yahoo Finance application on my mobile,

  • to have a watchlist,
  • individual stock related news
  • and then US economy news based on the calendar.

It does help with the Earnings calendar as well.
Lastly, refrain from watching the comments posted on their forum for a stock/company. You would find trolls lurking in the comments there and the comments wont help you in any decision making. :slight_smile:


Do you think an Earnings Release calendar would be a good addition to the community? We’re considering adding it.

Would you prefer small cap, mid, or large cap companies covered on it? Or all?

Majorly set up google alerts for all stocks I have invested in and go through the summary every week. Vested blog posts helps a lot too :ok_hand:.


Let’s depend on the vote, or what other community members think of. (demand should meet supply) :slight_smile:

When I filter the earnings report, I see the EPS graph for the stock myself (by browsing) - either on Vested, or on Yahoo Finance.

So, let’s say the calendar gets added - it should also have a column on the EPS expected for the quarter, and whether it would be announced Before Market Opens/After Market Close. While other existing fields are already good. And a filter to arrange the order of EPS, volume or any metric (in numbers) on the list we show.

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@Darwin’s posts, Yahoo Finance and Google News.


Marketwatch, Barron is best for news updates on US stock market.

Both are paid services but you still have options to watch few stocks updates and can create a watchlist of your stocks.

Other best platform is Investors Place for stocks articles which are free of cost.

If you need information and Stock Advisor you can join my community Investors World where I share all information on Indian and US stocks, Crypto currency updates.


@yashmifromvested I have setup Google Alerts and track those companies and industries individually. I mostly rely directly on investor reports shared by the individual companies so I have non media biased opinion.

I think it might be worthwhile to catalog quarterly investor presentations/reports for companies. This has been a great feature on Tickertape which I have used a lot and saves time in downloading those individually when doing research. Would love to see something like this on Vested.

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Thanks! We’re covering the earnings releases, but will look into Tickertape as well.


PRnewswire, Bloomberg, Reuters and generate google email notifications daily

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I like Yahoo finance