With EV trending - We should take a look at battery/mineral/mining stock

EVs everywhere is it, well most of the lithium found in Bolivia taken to China for processing and converted to cells and sold in US/India, but supply chain woes. Cutting short I liked this one stock that the US has which is a mining company that mines copper, Gold and Molybdenum.

Freeport-McMoRan, Inc. engages in the mining of copper, gold and molybdenum!

Bank of America has named Freeport as one of its top stock picks as battery materials play, a critical part in the EV story in coming years. Analyst Lawson Winder projects 19.3% sales growth for Freeport in 2022.

Freeport’s recently announced $3 billion repurchase programme and 30-cents-per-share special dividend scheme for 2022, according to Winder, are 275% greater than the $1.04 billion in capital returns he predicted earlier.

The stock has performed well over the past 3 months.

Thoughts and stocks?


Amigos, new here. Telling you something - I disagree!

Southern Copper is a competitor that I like since it pays a greater dividend and returns more cash to shareholders. Freeport McMoran will utilise its increased earnings to buy back shares to compensate for share dilution caused by over-the-top stock options granted to its top executives.

Also, Rio Tinto is still a possibility for my portfolio. They just bought a mining company in Argentina, which would increase their Lithium mining exposure. As electric vehicles (EVs) and other battery-powered equipment grow more common, this will almost certainly boost their profitability. Good dividends too! Ese!


Dividend Yield:



Not bad!